About to blow your socks off...

I am quite a fan of photography...and man o man, I found some amazing shots that have been photoshopped, made by the most creative people to walk this earth. Have a looky see for yourself...

The world of my imagination...

I have just had a call which presents me with a MASSIVE opportunity to take me further in my writing "career" (I have so far just been doing it a hobby. I am going to be taking part in The Australian Chancelors Writing Competition. What this means is, they give me 8 months to write a novel of any genre (knowing me it will probs be something paranormal with a little action and romance mixed in for good measure). After I have submitted the transcript and a copy of the novel, including a cover design etc, they will read it and pass it along for a further 4 to 5 months. If I win, I not only get $20,000 but my novel gets published. YUKES!!!!

So as you can imagine, I am scrambling around in my head for some story line that will absolutely blow the socks off the adjudicators. I have been carrying a little notepad in my pocket for the last 2 days now, writing down strange things I overhear, dreams I have, things I see, strange characters etc. And let me tell you, it is so damn interesting how many odd things and people you come across in your everyday life that you never would have paid attention to before. You should try it, you would be amazed.
Everywhere I look now, I see a story fit for writing!
For example, I went to the doctor to pick up a prescription, and while in the waiting room I saw a poster saying "Medicine makes the weak stronger"...and a light bulb flashed above my head *pa ping* I started thinking about a futuristic story where the human race is in danger of become extinct because the continuous use of modern medicine weakened the human gene pool to such an extent that human can't function without medicine. And a group of people try to find a cure for this malady, and story is about the obstacles and adventures they go through. Intersting huh?

Anyway, I better go and figure out a storyline...
Adios you beautiful people

Slacker that I am...

So I know I have been extremely slack in keeping this blog up to date, but I hereby pinky promise that I will get off my lazy behind and get on top of it this week. Why now you ask?
Because I am now officicially the happiest girl, running around with the wind in my hair and the taste of freedom in my mouth. In other words...EXAMS are over. Got to love uni I say. Not.

So I will definitely be posting some random crap (but interesting crap) here in the weeks to come. And have I mentioned how proud I am to be a South African, and having the soccer world cup hosted there? Well I am! (Even though I am living in Australia and have been doing so for the past 7 years). Makes no difference to me...home is where the heart is, and mine happens to be both here in Aus and in South Africa.

Watch this space for more my friends!

Headbanged by a mechanical bull

So my weekend ended up being rather exciting...more so than I thought at first. I ended up going to my friends 21st, at first I thought "shit, how boring" because there were so many people I didnt know. I thought there would be a lot more people from the good ol school days...but no, there were only a select few of us. It was a question of "us" and "them". Them being my friends work buddies (who outnumbered us 5 to 1).
Then the mechanical bull arived, and after setting it up, there was an all out war between the "work buddies" and us. The challenge...who could stay on the longest?
Let me just say, with modesty and humility...WE WON!!!!!! By 4 seconds, but we won.
In the process however, I got dumped over the head of the bul and got headbanged, and now I am sporting a lovely blue bruise on my right eyebrow and feel quite Spiffy about it. Like im bad-ass or something. But it ended up being awesome. I am still hurting like hell. The insides of my knees are bruised from squizing the bull's sides for dear life, i have a bruise on my back and elbow from when I got thrown off.
I went shopping for groceries and while feeling the firmness of the apples, I caught a mid 50-something old lady staring at me with pity in her eyes, like im in an abussive realtionship or something.

"Got thrown off a bull" I said, knowing it sounds a little ridiculous. She just nodded at me, gave me that look, the one that says "Yeh right sweetie" and walked off.

It was a little embarasing, but let me just say, it looks alot easier to ride one of those mechanical bulls than what it actually is. I dont even want to know what it must be like to ride the real thing.

Anything but work

I havent written in a while because I have exams coming up next week. But I have reached the stage where I look at the stack of textbooks and mountains of notes, and go "no more"! Im suprised they actually expect all that information to fit into a normal human beings brain. I find myself exhausted after an entire day and night studying, wishing to just drift into blissful sleep, but when I do finally climb into bed, I find my brain repeating to itself all it has learned...and thats not the annoying part. When I finally fell asleep, I dreamt I was writing the exam.

So I have decided, enough is enough, I am going to give my poor brain a rest this weekend, and spend it like a normal person. I may just be procrastinating...but lets just call it "resting". So today (saturday) was probably not the most exciting start to my "normal" weekend...I worked for 8 hours. But hey, students have to earn a little right?

But tomorrow will be jam packed with excitement. In the morning I am going shopping with my friend, have lunch, and then its another friends 21st...and she got a mechanical bull! Combining alcohol and a fast moving (albeit padded) metal frame, seems a bit stupid...but oh it will provide hours of entertainment, so I am sure I will have some stories to tell!

I hope everyone is having a better weekend than mine has been so far.


I would like to just quickly point something out about my last post. Since then I have read the book a little more, and I feel I should warn the younger and more innocent readers that near the end there is quite a steamy sex scene...or should I say a couple of scenes that go on page after page after page...So do not say I didnt warn you.

I still recommend it

In bed with a coffee

Today was one of those days when you want to be warm and snug under a warm blanket with a steaming mug of coffee. Thats how I felt this morning when I woke up and saw that it was a rainy day with dark clouds covering the sky. I had to study for an exam that I am writing next week (for which I am very unprepared), but I couldnt bring myself to sit at my desk and study my 682 pages of theory.

So I went to the library, got myself quite a few books, and went home to read in bed with a coffee. And I have to say, once I started reading Christine Feehans "Burning Wild" I couldnt stop. It is a truly amazing book, there is not a minute when you are bored or wondering if the story will ever get to the point.

It is a lovely paranormal romance...sounds a bit much I know, but dont be fooled, It is such a great read even for those not interested in romance. It has heart wrenching moments and action to suit everyone. I was so thoroughly enjoying it that I forgot to have lunch and then dinner (in which case this book is great for those of you wanting to lose weight)!

I highly recommend it...